Impulse Testing Service

We are pleased to introduce our services for Lightning Impulse test facility at Telawne power Equipment, Navi Mumbai.

  • The impulse voltage generator is rated for 900kVp, 90kJ; it allows to test system voltage (Um) from 7.2kV class to 170kV class of various transformer ratings and up to 100MVA capacity.
  • The Generator enables testing from the lowest possible voltage of 20kVp to 750kVp with the modern digital impulse controller.
  • The 800kV chopped wave test facility with auto-controlled sphere gap and triggering for a chopped wave on the tail with the desired chopping time of 3-6 µs.
  • The IVG is equipped to produce a switching impulse waveform up to 620kVp for the Um 170kV class. Using a load capacitor extends the waveshape and smoothens the peak of the waveform for uniform voltage distribution along the windings.
  • The 4-channel, 12-bit Impulse digitizer is used to capture and analyze waveforms according to the standard of the latest edition 2013.
  • The voltage dividers of 900 and 500kV rating and current shunts are facilitated to record the waveforms and measure transferred surge during the LI test.

These outstanding features of the Impulse voltage generator make it versatile for testing a wide range of transformers in small to medium-sized power transformers.